Make your Own Sourdough

If you want to make your own Sourdough at home, Real Bread Ireland have some great info and advice to follow and as a proud member - this is where we point all of our customers to. 

Sourdough Starter is the first baffling piece of the sourdough puzzle. It's made up of fermented flour and water and is a leavening agent that uses naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria to make baked goods rise. It sounds complicated but it really isn't! 

You can make your own starter from scratch (see link below) or contact us HERE and we will share some of ours, you can pick it up from our bakery in Wexford Town. 

We have some great step by step tips on our Instagram page so be sure to check them out too. 

Click HERE for Growing your Starter from Scratch 

Click HERE for the Sourdough Recipe