The YOLA Story


Yola Bakery was established in 2020 by Jamie Pettitt.

Jamie worked for over ten years in the food retail sector before his passion for food took him to Ballymaloe Cookery School where his love for Sourdough was ignited. Upon completion, he moved to Seagull Bakery, Tramore and worked with the brilliant Sarah Richards before setting up Yola.

Yola is a Traditional Sourdough Bakery specialising in the art of heritage bread or real bread as we like to call it.

We have introduced the craft of traditional bread making to Wexford using the finest flours including flour milled right here in the South East, so you can enjoy the experience of eating real bread again.  

Using just three, core natural ingredients which are free from additives and preservatives plus time, Yola bread is handcrafted using traditional methods, baked daily which creates a product that is not only superior in quality and taste but good for you too.

Our menu includes a variety of sourdough breads and we also bake a selection of sweet treats too. 


Knead to know what Yola means? 


We get asked this question alot. 

The name Yola is authentic to Wexford. The Yola people were an ethnic group that formed in the baronies of Forth and Bargy in County Wexford after the Norman invasion of Ireland at Bannow Bay in 1169. Most notable, there was a Yola dialect which was spoken amongst the people and they were exceptionally skilled farmers meaning they did not experience the effects of the Great Famine.

The name Yola was chosen as it’s authentic to Wexford, it has a strong heritage connection and resonates with our community. In addition, the bakery is nestled in the Forth and Bargy baronies giving the bakery another connection to the name.

Yola not only represents the bakery but represents family, friendships, community and trust and a symbol for those looking for total transparency in their food and lifestyle.